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Hey MaRo, when can we start expecting a few spoilers about Fate Reforged? Also, will we see Eldrazi make a come back soon? I need more Emrakul!!!!


Previews for Fate Reforged aren’t until the end of the year.

As for the Eldrazi - I’m sure we’ll be seeing them when the time is right. : )

Come on, this has to be a hint towards eldrazi on this block





chandra-nalaar said: did u notice that on the gideon page it lists chandra as his only friend

((wizards, stop doing this this instant))

yeah wizards that’s so wrong and i’m offended that they’d say chandra is his ONLY friend. that’s not fair at all she,s not his friend


((wizards should really up thier game. i fixed it))

i don’t even have a joke to make here thats just. thats it

But how do you become sexual tension?

Regarding the disappointment with Theros and Khans not being what we expected, I think part of the problem is the way the two sets were presented to us prior to the full sets being spoiled. Articles on the Wizards homepage were hyping up enchantments left and right pre-Theros, and did the same with wedges pre-Khans. You, yourself called Khans Bizzaralara. I think the problem is the delivery has been focusing on one aspect of the set, which makes us feel like it will be bigger than it is.


How was Theros not sold as the top-down Greek mythology set? I said there was an enchantment component but I didn’t start the original slideshow with a giant slide saying “Enchantments!”. The slides said “Gods”, “Heroes” and “Monsters”.

I agree that we did play up wedges but it was in the context of clans. And the set does have an as-fan of almost 2 of multicolor cards. We have charms and tapped tri-lands and wedge legends. I don’t feel as if the set doesn’t pay off wedge-iness.

I guess in retrospect me using the phrase “Khans is Bizarralara” on Blogatog was a mistake but I felt it was close enough to count.


KHANS OF TARKIR | Jeskai Mana Fixers

I love that island is on here twice. It’s that good.







Back to fixing broken plugins and playing with mods.  Shaderpack needs editing again but I thought it was good enough for some screenshots.

this makes me want to play this again

I want this, anybody know?


"Tales from the Pit" #824



"Tales from the Pit" #824



Khans of Tarkir
- Wedges! Tarkir is Bizarralara!
- Morph returns!
- Large/small/large where the small set is drafted with both large sets
- The block is a time travel story
- Khans of Tarkir is a wedge set but it is not a wedge block as the story is about change
- The five clans are based…

Can I just say that I love that this says “Tarkir is Bizarralara”?

Well since the shards are friend-based (Bant is white with both friends) etc it just feels natural that the friend-guilds would fit in better. Something that interests me far more though is: Will there be a Block in the future with the other 5 three-colour combos and will they be given names? Because saying USA for WUR gets lame and sounds not professional at all. Also I feel like these triplecombos do not see enough play/get enough credit for existing.


The other three-color combinations (we’ve sometimes called them “wedge” combinations) definitely seem like they’re something we’d do someday. See discussions of “Bizarralara” on Mark Rosewater’s blog.

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